Curator New Photo Marketing and Management Platform


The next evolution in Photo Marketing and management is here. Introduce you to the NEW Curator platform. 

A Fresh Look

At first glance, the most obvious upgrade to Curator is our fresh new look. As a company and as a brand, we've grown up. We want to ensure our image reflects that.

We started out by sprucing up the faded orange and added in a vibrant pink color. Not only does the pink create a more professional look, but also allows for attention-grabbing calls-to-action. Additionally, we've cleaned up the Curator logo and typography for better viewing on digital and mobile mediums.

Another big change is our move away from our humble, pop-art branding days in lieu of highlighting the human experience. We've added opportunities that better showcase the real photos your events capture every day for a more accurate representation of what Curator can offer its users.

New Features

We spent a lot of time really figuring out what features you need and which ones you don't. Our developers worked and reworked systems on the back-end to deliver a much smoother app performance and faster speed for data-heavy experiences, such as GIF and boomerang.

Within the user dashboard, you'll see a whole new, easy to navigate layout. Your events take a top-page spotlight position to jump right into your work. We've also included a search bar to easily find past events. Making sure our Curator family is educated on using our platform to its full ability is top-priority for us, so we've rearranged educational literature to take a more prominent position on the front dashboard.

Another huge change you'll see is in the creation of events. We've broken down the entire event process into a step-by-step system that holds your hand from start to launch. Design templates are attached with each customization piece to make sure you know best practices when designing custom assets. Speaking of assets, the cleaned-up assets page makes it easy to find, create, upload and purchase any new items you could ever want.

Other new features you'll see include:

  • Sub-user login
  • Vanity URL management
  • Client portal
  • Much more to come!

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