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Every once in a while, you hear a story that inspires you. That's Logan Barber, a true entrepreneur who bootstrapped his entertainment & photo booth business together from the basics, quickly scaling to a premium service that only continues to expand upon its offerings.

We recently caught up with Logan to learn more about his entrepreneurial story. A story that's taken him from singing The Eagles in the back of his mother's car, to prison and on to become a top DJ in his market.

Logan Barber | SB3 Entertainment

Logan Barber SB3 Entertainment photo booth Logan Barber of SB3 Entertainment
Photo Credit: SB3 Entertainment

Curator: Start out by telling us who you are and a bit about your business.
Logan: My name is Logan Barber, & I am the owner of SB3 Entertainment. I started my DJ/Entertainment business on January 1st, 2015. I am a one-man show with the occasional help of an assistant with setting up/tearing down equipment. SB3 Entertainment takes pride in providing a premium service to our clients! We provide a clean, elegant, and professional appealing setup. We specialize in weddings/special events & we provide DJ, photo booth, as well as designer lighting services - and plan to rent out inflatables in the near future!

Curator: What’s your specialty? What has SB3 come to be known for?
Logan: I specialize in weddings, and I am best known for my upbeat magnetic personality, and our clean, elegant, professional setups!

sb3 entertainment_1 photo boothPhoto Courtesy of SB3 Entertainment

Curator: Why the entertainment business?
Logan: Ever since the young age of 2 years old, I have been fascinated by music! I have been reciting the lyrics from the band "The Eagles" for many years. I remember riding in the car with my mom and singing, "Life in the Fast Lane" and "Hotel California." That's really where it all began.

I knew in high school that whatever I ended up doing, it had to do with music. I'm an avid guitar player and provide vocals for music projects. If I wasn't providing DJ & photo booth services, I would be playing with a band creating music. It's truly my passion.

Then when I was about 12 or 13, I began to grow my skillset with computers. I was self-taught. SB3 takes my love of music and passion for tech and incorporates them both. It's what I think let's me excel at what I do.

Curator: From what I hear, you were a little down on your luck when you started the business. Can you speak a little more to that?
Logan: I'm so fortunate to do what I do. When I was 18, I was indicted with a Class 4 felony for downloading movies in theatres and selling them for a profit. I spent two years in prison and completed my parole back in 2012 - six months ahead of time. I was stagnant on work, as trying to find someone who would hire me with having a felony was almost impossible. In fact, I aced an interview with Office Depot where I would have bene in the back as their IT guy. They invited me back for the second interview on the spot, but was shot down by corporate once I disclosed the information about my felony.

As far as being down on my luck, I can recall starting my business with very minimal funds. I started with a very inexpensive, $300 PA system and a laptop that I already had owned and only used to rock out at home. A buddy of mine came over one day, saw the PA and was like, "What's with the system? Are you trying to be a DJ or something?" That's when the idea just clicked. I basically started my business from the ground up and have evolved to become an entertainment company.

Also, I would like to add, that when I was 22 years old I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder, and have since been medicated. There was definitely a struggle dealing with this diagnosis, and on occasion, I have days where I don't feel very energetic, however being around people certainly helps keep my spirits up!

Curator: Is it safe to say the interview falling through with Office Depot was a bit of a blessing in disguise? Are you happy it didn't work out?"
Logan: There's no comparison! I am so glad it happened! I'm much more happy doing what I do with my own business than if I would have been holed up.

Curator: What would you say was your big break with the business? Is there a moment that really helped catapult you to where you are now?
Logan: I would say doing community events, definitely helped get my name out there. I've provided my services to local festivals, as well as donated my services to benefits for complete strangers. It is a great feeling giving back to the community and helping make someones day very special. I can also say that I am best known for being a "Wedding DJ" and those are the events I enjoy doing the most!

Curator: Let’s talk on the importance of business mentors. What’s some advice that really stuck with you while building SB3?
Logan: Some of the best advice I have ever received in terms of building my business was to always stay humble and do the best job possible on any occasion. Also, I've networked with several DJ's locally and online, from Nebraska, to Canada, to even Jamaica! Networking with other business professionals is key to helping maintain a professional business.

sb3 entertainment_3 photo booth The Red Carpet Treatment
Photo Credit: SB3 Entertainment

Curator: What advice do you have for others getting started in photo and event businesses of their own?
Logan: The best advice I can give anyone getting their feet into the Entertainment industry is, purchase quality equipment the first time so you don't have to spend twice. I made this mistake myself, You have to start somewhere, however buying quality gear the first time around will save money in the end. Then, reinvest in your business. Whenever I got gigs, I would take that money and reinvest it right back into my business. I wouldn't have gotten to where I am without doing so and it's advice I still follow. We're getting ready to offer inflatables in the near future!

Also, network with people. Make flyers and post them around your local towns, have a social media presence, and stay relevant!

Curator: Any advice for other Curator users out there specifically about how to better utilize the platform?
Logan: Curator is a wonderful platform, I am very impressed with not only the App but also the customer service I have received from the team. As for advice, I would say network within the Curator Group, don't be afraid to ask questions, and learn as much as you can. Always have a backup iPad & printer if possible, as sometimes things can happen that are out of our control. Learn how to troubleshoot your own equipment so you can do it yourself and save on the expense of having someone else have to do it for you.

When I started, I was using competing photo booth software but was unimpressed by what they offered. It was very basic. I'm happy I switched and will never go back. My guests really love the SnapChat-like filters. Make Curator work for you!

You can find more about Logan Barber and SB3 Entertainment on his website and social channels listed below.


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