PixBooth App Update Version 2.4

Update your app to 2.4 to gain the following enhancements in the new PixBooth version of our PhotoBooth app.

  • Boomerang experience has been 100% rebuilt from the ground-up. All boomerangs that are taken with the PixBooth2 app are smoother and more realistic then ever before. 

  • Added Boomerang flashing screen so that your guest know that the photos are being taken. 
  • We decreased the files sizes and enhanced the quality all at the same time. This means that your guests will receive their photo quicker then ever before. This also means that the app needs less of an internet connection to upload. 

  • GIF (3,4,5,and 6 Frame) enhancements. 

  • Faster MP4 deliver of files attached to emails and SMS messages

  • Animated overlays (10,12,14 and 16 Frames) can now be used with all GIF's and Boomerangs. 

  • Added the ability to adjust the speed of the boomerang/animated overlay (slow, medium, fast and SUPER FAST) 
  • Enhanced tracking for digital props. You may not see an improvement now but with a future addition you will.

  • Ability to create and use custom selectors. You can now create a custom selector on Curator that can contain a Filter, Digital Prop and/or an overlay. This allows you to create truly unique experiences. 

  • Ability for Agency Pro Sub-users to login and see their events. 

There are several other enhancements that are under the hood which will also make for a better experience. 


* Boomerang updates will only work with events created in the New Curator Site.