The 3 Most Iconic Photo Booth Poses of All Time


There are a million ways to take a photo booth photo and each captured moment is special in its own way. Yet it seems as if certain poses are repeated more than others. They're poses we've all been a part of and as they get repeated over and over, they take on a life of their own.

They become iconic.

These are their stories.

The Group Prop Shot

How many people can a group of friends fit into one photo? You don't know but you and your group of 12 friends are sure about to find out! But this can't be just any group photo. No sir. This is a photo booth photo so you best believe there will be props involved. A purple boa for him, a bow tie for her - everyone decked to the 9's in over-sized sunglasses and kooky hats! Sure only the top of your head can be seen and your buddy perched on your back is heavier than you thought, but that's the price you're willing to pay. Until someone cries out, "My eyes were closed! Let's take another one!" This may take a while...
photo booth group shot

The Vogue

This is it. This is your moment. Everyone else at the party is off doing something else and you have the photo booth all to yourself. You take your place in front of the camera and as the lights flash you strike your best runway stance. You eye the camera down and channel Madonna for the next frame before tosseling your hair for the third. One shot left and you feel fierce. You're a tiger! Grrr... Consider that camera worked.

The Kiss

Even though you only just met a few hours ago, it feels like you've known each other forever. And to think, you almost didn't come to this wedding! Who knew the bride had such a cute cousin. Alright, the reception will be over soon - it's time to make your move. After all, you've been dancing together all night long. "Hey, let's take a picture at the photo booth!" you suggest. They agree and you pat yourself on the back for being so clever. Phew, here goes nothing. 3, 2, 1. You turn your head at the last second. To your delight, so do they. Ahhhh, a moment of pure love caught for all eternity.
photo booth kiss


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